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Your Virtual Learning Experience

Welcome to your virtual learning experience! Virtual Learning is a partnership between the teacher, the student, and the parents. This page has various resources to help the experience go smoothly for you and your student. Below is a model to help explain the roles in virtual learning.

Virtual Learning Roles

What Is a Learning Coach?

The learning-coach role can vary depending on the age and needs of the student as well as on the type of online learning program in which the student is enrolled.

In a home-based program, the learning coach is a parent, a family member, or another adult who is at home with the student while the student is going through their courses. If students take their courses at a school, a learning coach could be a teacher, teacher’s aide, or assigned mentor.

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See below for additional information for learning coaches.

Learning Coach Resources


Learning Coach Role Progression Elementary Grades K-2

Learning Coach Role Progression Elementary Grades 3-5

Elementary Parent Checklist

Elementary Learning Coach Resources


Learning Coach Role Progression Secondary Grades 6-12

Secondary Learning Coach Resources

Things to Know Grades K-12

Designing a Productive Learning Space

A Typical Day: Setting a Schedule

Navigating a Course

Materials Preparation

Completing and Turning in Assignments

Making Sure Your Student is on Pace

Checking Student Grades

Communicating with the Teacher

Beyond the Course Work