Learning Coach: Things to get your Student Started

Learning Coach Role Progression Elementary Grades 3-5

Learning Coach Role Progression Elementary 3-5

The learning-coach role can vary depending on the age and needs of the student as well as on the type of online learning program in which the student is enrolled.

In a home-based program, the learning coach is a parent, a family member, or another adult who is at home with the student while the student is going through their courses. If students are taking their courses at a school, a learning coach could be a teacher, para pro, or assigned mentor.

At the Upper Elementary level (grades 3-5), a learning coach may have a lot of responsibility at the beginning of the year as they ensure their student is understanding how to navigate their courses. As the student gets used to course navigation and into a structured routine the responsibilities of the learning coach will decrease. Student needs vary, some students may need more assistance and some students may need less assistance, a learning coach will need to adjust based on the needs of the student.

See below for a list of common duties a learning coach may need to help their student with.

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