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Tips to Keeping Your Student on Pace

Making sure your student stays on pace in their courses will help keep them on track for succeeding in the course. It will prevent them from getting overwhelmed and having to play catch up to complete the course last minute. Below are some tips to help your student manage their time and stay on pace in their courses.

  1.  Work with your student to create a daily schedule. Set the times your student will work on each course.
  2. Set up automatic notifications in your Parent Observer account and also in your student’s account in Buzz. You can set up notification settings to notify you and your student of the following:
  • When an activity is submitted(This is only available as part of a digest that summarizes all the notifications you’ve selected.)
  • When an assignment receives a score or feedback from their teacher
  • When a course grade drops below passing.

To manage and set up notifications:

  • Open the User Menu from the top-right corner of the toolbar.
  • Select Settings.
  • Under Notifications preferences, provide your Email, Mobile Number, and Carrier if you want to receive emails and SMS notifications.

  • In the Scores and feedback card, indicate which notifications you want to receive and how you want to receive them:
  • By SMS and/or Email
  • Daily and/or Weekly

3.  Check your student’s courses daily and view the following information:

  • Calendar (can be found by clicking on the top left menu bar) This will tell you what your student needs to complete in their courses each day.

  • To-Do List (Seen on the home screen): This will tell you what your student has past due, what is due on the present day, and what is upcoming.

  • Activity Stream (Seen on the home screen): This will tell you what your student has done.

4.  Talk to your student daily about their tasks for each course.

5.  Start each morning talking with your student about their assignments for the day. Have their Calendar or To-Do List open as you talk with them about what they need to complete by the end of their day.

  • Explain the importance of staying on pace, reminding them that their workload will increase if they are off pace.
  • Remind them that they are in control of their tasks and the importance of personal responsibility.
  • Discuss with your student what they completed at the end of each day.