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Science 30-40 Minutes:

In grades K-5 Science, there are six modules. A student should complete 1 module in 3 weeks.

Guiding Question:

Before the student starts the lesson, find time to have a discussion. Pose a Guiding Question about the topics in the lesson. For example, if the lesson is about the phases of the moon, ask the student: “Why does the moon change shape? What do you think?”

Discuss the possible theories and then have the students work on the lesson. As the student goes through a lesson, ask them questions. Guiding Questions will be included in the course guide for your grade level in Science.

Going through a Lesson:

At the beginning of the school year, you will want to guide your student through the lessons, especially if they are a Kindergartner or First Grader. If a student is not able to read the lessons, be sure to show them where they can click on the play button to have the content read aloud. Before a student clicks onto the next page, ask the student to summarize what they learned from the page they did, or ask them questions about that page.

Lesson Videos

When a student is watching a video, watch it with them. Ask them questions about what the video is teaching. Have them tell you about the video.

Lesson Assignments

When a student encounters an Activity Button on a lesson page, have the student click on it to download and print the assignment; if you have a workbook direct the student to find the workbook page and complete it. When the student finishes the worksheet, have them submit the worksheet by scanning it and putting it in their dropbox when prompted to in the course (note: this is usually after the lesson).



In Science, students may have activities that are hands-on experiments. Be sure to preview the materials list to find the materials needed and have them on hand.


Wrap Up:

After a student completes a lesson review, the Guiding Question you shared and discussed at the beginning of the lesson.  Ask what was learned to help answer the question. Ask what questions they still may have. Have the student record their answers in a science notebook. End the session reading a story related to the topic the student is learning. Your local library will have a good selection of Science children’s books.

Science in the News

It is always refreshing when things a student is learning about in Science are in the news. Take some time to research the topics in Science to try to find current events that are related to that topic. Share your findings with your student.