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Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting 10-15 minutes

Morning Meeting is a suggested time to meet with your student and go over some necessary skills students should know. It is also a time to review goals for the day and review concepts being learned. Below is a list of suggested activities for the morning meeting:

  • Calendar (Grades K-2): Have a calendar available that can be filled in for each day. Dry erase calendars are suitable for this. Each Morning Meeting, ask your student:
    • What month is it? (Have the student point to the month on the calendar say it and spell it out loud).
    • What day of the week is today? (Have the student point to today, say the day of the week, point to the word, and spell it).
    • What is the date for today? (For kindergarten, count from the beginning to the date. So for example, if it is January 5th, count from January 1st to 5th “ 1,2,3,4,5).
    • What day of the week was yesterday? (Have them point to the day before saying the day of the week and spell it).
    • What day of the week will it be tomorrow? (Have them point to the day after saying the day of the week and spell it).
    • As students learn about odd, and even in math, you can ask students if it is an odd-numbered day or even-numbered day.
  • Weather: Have students describe what the weather is like outside. Ask what they should wear for the weather. For older kids, have them view the weather report nationwide and locally. Have them compare and contrast the weather across the country and discuss what weather icons mean.
  • Seasons (K-2): Discuss the current season. How does the weather relate to the current season?
  • Review concepts from lessons.
  • Review goals for the day.