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Language Arts Grades 4-5

Language Arts 60-75 Minutes

Language Arts 4 has 18 modules, a student should complete 1 module a week. Language Arts 5 has 6 modules, a student should complete 1 module approximately every three weeks.

At the beginning of the school year, you will want to guide your students through the lessons modeling best practices for going through a lesson. If a student has trouble reading, they may have the lesson read to them by clicking on the player at the bottom of the lesson page.

Before a student clicks onto the next page, ask the student to summarize what they learned from the page they did, or ask them questions about that page.

Lesson Videos

When a student is watching a video, watch it with them. Ask them questions about what the video is teaching. Have them tell you about the video.

Lesson Assignments

When a student encounters an Activity Button on a lesson page, have the student click on it to download and print the assignment. Note: Some pdf documents can be typed in. Please make sure to view the information on PDF documents in the Getting Started section of the Resources module to know how to submit them if you have a workbook direct the student to find the workbook page and complete it. Assignments will be submitted after each lesson. The submission page is located after the lesson quiz.

Novel Studies

Part of the Language Arts Block is a Novel Study. Students will pick two books a semester to read from a list of books given in the Novel Study assignment. There are study guides for students to download and complete while they are reading the book they chose. Each day have your student read from the book they chose for about 30-40 minutes or as directed by the teacher. Read the book as well so that you can have discussions with your student about the book.

Submitting Assignments

At specific points in a module, your student will be asked to submit assignments. The Getting Started Lesson in the Resources Module describes how to submit assignments.  An Assignment will be submitted in the activity labeled assignment after each lesson.

When a student clicks on the assignment, the assignment page will open. A student can click on the link to preview what the assignment was. The rubric for the assignment can be viewed by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

Clicking on the Show Dropbox button will allow the student to upload an attachment to submit to the teacher. When opening the dropbox, the student can upload their attachment from their google drive or their computer files. They may also type a message to the teacher in the box if desired. Once the attachment is uploaded, they can submit it by clicking on the submit button at the bottom.


Learning Coach Shared Read Aloud

End the Language Arts Block by reading aloud a story to your student. For Fourth and Fifth graders choose a chapter book to read. During this time, you could read aloud one chapter and then have your student read aloud a second chapter. Discuss what was read when finished.