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Communicating with the Teacher

It is vital to establish a line of communication with your student’s teacher and understand how a teacher will communicate with you and your student. In grades K-3, the teacher will meet weekly with your student to review concepts, give assessments, and check for understanding. In grades 4-5, the teacher will meet weekly to bi-weekly with your student. In grades 6-12 the meetings with teachers will vary depending on the course, teacher, and needs of the student.

The best way to communicate with the teacher is via email. Your teacher will share their contact information and office hours with you. One place you should be able to find their contact information is on the course landing page in Buzz. When your student enters a course, the landing page appears in the center of the screen.

Another source of communication is via announcements. The teacher will send announcements periodically. Announcements can be accessed from the Buzz Home Page.

You may send an email to your teacher via Buzz, below is a video showing you how to do this:


When should you reach out to the teacher?

  • If your student is having a hard time understanding a concept.
  • If your student is falling behind in assignments.
  • If the work is too easy for your student, and they may need a challenge.
  • If you have any questions about the course or assignments in the course.