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Fifth Grade Math A and B: Module Course Guides

Click on the links below to access a Module Course Guide for Math 5A or Math 5B.

Course Guides are suggestions to help enhance the learning experience for your student. The Learning Coach notes, questions, book lists, and suggested outings are just suggestions and are not requirements of the course.

Math 5A Module Course Guides

Math 5B Module Course Guides

Module 1: Mathematical Operations 1

Module 7: Fractions

Module 2: Introduction to Decimals

Module 8: Multiplying Fractions

Module 3: Estimating Decimals

Module 9: Dividing Fractions

Module 4: Multiplying and Dividing Multi-Digit Numbers

Module 10: Measurements & Volume

Module 5: Money and Decimal Operations

Module 11: Volume

Module 6: Fraction Operations

Module 12: Geometry