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Designing a Productive Learning Space

Learning Spaces today are not just a desk and a chair. It is essential to create a learning space that provides the opportunity for students to move as needed. The key is to set up space or spaces where the student is free from distractions and can focus on the tasks they are completing. Below are some suggestions for setting up a Learning Space:

  • Make sure the desk and chair allow the student to sit upright at the computer.
  • Have other seating options for students to move to do offline assignments such as a comfy chair or bean bag for independent reading, a larger table with coloring supplies, glue, and scissors for written work and projects.
  • Wall space to post a word wall, a world map, and other items that a student may refer to frequently.

Learning Spaces do not have to be confined to one small area or room, for example:

  • A student can have a desk to complete online work.
  • Offline work can be completed at a kitchen table that includes a caddy with coloring, writing, and other school supplies.
  • Complete Independent Reading and Novel Studies on the couch in the living or family room.
  • A refrigerator makes a great wall space, add magnetic strips to the back of word wall cards to put on the fridge.