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Language Arts Grades K-3

Language Arts 90 Minutes

In grades K-3 Language Arts, there are 18 modules. A student should complete 1 module a week, 1 lesson a day.

At the beginning of the school year, you will want to guide your students through the lessons, especially if they are a Kindergartner or First Grader. This article gives suggestions on ways you can guide your student through their lessons. Eventually, your student will get into a routine and will not need as much guidance from you.

If a student is not able to read the lessons, be sure to show them where the speakers are and have them click on each speaker to have the content read aloud.

Before a student clicks onto the next page, ask the student to summarize what they learned from the page they did, or ask them questions about that page.

When a student plays an interactive game, watch for how many errors they make. Have them redo the game if they get a lot wrong.

Lesson Videos

When a student is watching a video, watch it with them. Ask them questions about what the video is teaching. Have them tell you about the video.

Lesson Assignments

When a student encounters an Activity Button on a lesson page, have the student click on it to download and print the assignment; if you have a workbook direct the student to find the workbook page and complete it. If you are not using the workbook, get a folder and label it Language Arts. Have your student put completed assignments in the folder so that when it is time to submit them to their teacher, they are all in one place.

Lesson Stories

When a student encounters the story in the lesson, have them do the following:

  1. Play the speaker to have the story read aloud.
  2. Have the student go back and read the story out loud to you.
  3. Ask the student to identify how many times each sight word appears in the story.
  4. Ask the student to identify words that correlate to the phonics lessons for the week (for example short “a” words)
  5. Ask the student to identify the characters, setting, problem, etc.

Audio Recordings

In Language Arts, students will be asked to submit Audio Practice Activities in each module.  The Resources module tells students how to record and submit audio in both the Learning Coach section and the Getting Started Section. You can also view how to record and submit audio by clicking on the links below.

Independent Reading

Part of the Language Arts Block is independent reading for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

The school you are working with may have a virtual independent reading program that will provide books at your student’s level to read. If they do not, you can use the Choose a Just Right Book guide to help your student find books to read at their reading level. Even if the school does provide a virtual reading program, you can still find books on your own. Take your student to a local library or go through their book collection. To find a just right book have the student do the following:

How to Choose a Just Right Book:

  1. The student should first preview a book and see if it looks interesting to them.
  2. If it looks interesting, they should then practice the 5-finger rule.
  3. Read one page, hold up a finger for each word that can’t be read.
  4. Five or more fingers up, choose a different book.
  5. Four or fewer fingers up, it is a just-right book.

The Learning Coach should listen to the student read the book and keep track of the student.

Independent Reading Suggestions

  1. If choosing books together at a Library, have the student pick multiple books to check out. At least 3.
  2. Set up a place to hold the books for independent reading such as a book basket or tub.
  3. During Independent Reading time, have your student choose one of the books to read for 30 minutes. You want your student to read these books multiple times during the week to become familiar with them.
  4. If your student is a Kindergartner, do the following: Before they read, ask them to identify the title of the book, the author of the book, the illustrator of the book. Have them show you where the beginning of the book is and the end. Have them point to the beginning and ending of sentences on the pages.
  5. After a student has read the story, ask them questions about the characters, the setting, the plot, etc. Have them go through the book and find sight words or spelling words for the week.
  6. To complete the Independent Reading Assignment for the week, have the student choose the book they want to read for their Independent Reading Log.
  7. Discuss the book with the student using the questions to guide the discussion before the student completes the assignment.

Note: These documents can be typed in. A student can download the documents. Save the document in their documents. Pull up the saved version to type in. Save when finished.

Submitting Assignments

At certain points in a module, your student will be asked to submit assignments. The Getting Started Lesson in the Resources Module describes how to submit assignments.  Below is a list of the types of assignments that could be submitted.

  • Module Weekly Written Work: This is where your student will submit any assignments they were asked to do in the lessons. You can scan the assignments and attach them to the dropbox. You can also select the video feature in the dropbox and hold up each page for the teacher to view and grade select upload when finished.
  • Story Retell: This assignment will ask your student to record themselves retelling the story for the week. They may use the recording option in the lesson to record or simply hit the microphone in the dropbox and complete their recording within the dropbox. When they are done recording, they select upload to upload it to the dropbox.
  • Independent Reading Assignment/Assessment: The student will submit their Independent Reading Log and Questions here.
  • Module Spelling Test (Grades 1-3) Your student’s teacher will give them a spelling test during the synchronous session. When they finish the test, they can scan and upload the test or use the video option to record the test and submit in the dropbox.

Learning Coach Read Aloud Story Time

End the Language Arts Block by reading aloud a story to your student. Choose a different story each day to read aloud to your student while reading the story, stop at specific points, and ask questions about the story, when finished reading share your favorite parts.