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Fifth Grade Language Arts A and B: Module Course Guides

Click on the links below to access a Module Course Guide for Language Arts 5A or Language Arts 5B.

Course Guides are suggestions to help enhance the learning experience for your student. The Learning Coach notes, questions, book lists, and suggested outings are just suggestions and are not requirements of the course.


Language Arts 5A Module Course

Language Arts 5B Module Course

M1 Processes

M7 Reading Information

M1 A Story’s Structure

M7 Finding Answers

M2 Conflict

M7 Analyzing Claims

M2 Characterization

M8 Reading Science

M2 Setting

M8 Analyzing Science

M3 Narrators

M8 Reading History

M3 Points of View

M9 Analyzing History

M3 Theme

M9 Researching

M4 Forms of a Narrative

M9 Summarizing

M4 Multimedia

M10 Making Your Case

M4 Genres

M10 Building Arguments

M5 Comparing and Contrasting

M10 Writing Your Report

M5 Writing Opinions

M11 Peer Review

M5 Drama

M11 Revisit and Revise

M6 Narrative Poetry

M11 Proof and Edit

M6 Lyric Poetry

M12 Speak Up

M6 Classic Literature

M12 Make it Zing


M12 Get Heard