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Fourth Grade Language Arts A and B: Module Course Guides

Click on the links below to access a Module Course Guide for Language Arts 4A or Language Arts 4B.

Course Guides are suggestions to help enhance the learning experience for your student. The Learning Coach notes, questions, book lists, and suggested outings are just suggestions and are not requirements of the course.


Language Arts 4A Module Course

Language Arts 4B Module Course

Module 1: Introduction

Module 19: Elements of Poetry

Module 2: Processes

Module 20: Poetry in Practice

Module 3: Inferences

Module 21: Drama

Module 4: Plot

Module 22: Elements of Drama

Module 5: Conflict

Module 23: Reading for Information

Module 6: Setting

Module 24: Main Ideas

Module 7: Characters

Module 25: Technical Reading

Module 8: Characterization

Module 26: Text Structures

Module 9: Point of View

Module 27: Informational Reports

M10: Narrators

Module 28: Multimedia Information

M11: Theme

Module 29: Integrating Information

Module 12: Finding Themes

Module 30: Writing Information

Module 13: Comparing Themes

Module 31: Planning a Research Project

Module 14: Forms of Fiction

Module 32: Gathering Information

Module 15: Forms of Media

Module 33: Analyzing Information

Module 16: Analzying Multimedia

Module 34: Delivering Information

Module 17: Mythology

Module 35: Discussing Information

Module 18: Comparing Myths

Module 36: Presenting Information